Ages 3-14

5 Elements  Studio Kids Martial Arts program goes far beyond Jiu-Jitsu: Our most important achievement with our Kids program is character development. Our students learn how to become self-confident young man and woman and they learn how to defend themselves while being safe and having fun. 5 Elements Kids Martial Arts unique methodology will make them competent martial artists, and most importantly, our emphasis in movement mastery, along with agility, balance, flexibility and strength, will make them ready for any other sport they want to engage in. Our signature 5 Elements Kids Martial Arts teaches our students how to relax and be calmed through our complete yogic breathing training. In other words, as our student advances through the ranks, they will be equipped with very valuable tools on and off the mat and ready for life 100%.

The martial arts are an incredible method to develop reflexes, balance, and a wide arrange of physical skills. Additionally, the psychological benefits are manifold: There are multiple studies indicating the benefits of children interacting with other children through martial arts training, and how it creates a sense of connection and friendship with their peers, endorphin release, energy expenditure allowing a more calmed and relaxed state of mind, the ability to improve their self-expression, the betterment of their communication skills and a better interaction with mommy and daddy, as well as those older than them.

5 Elements Kids Martial Arts program fundamental emphasis on respect for self and others, good manners, communication and interpersonal skills, as well as discipline and self accountability, develops our children to become healthy, intelligent and logical adults with their feet in the ground and their heads in between their shoulders.  In order to become a Black Belt in our system our students need to show dedication to excellence both on the mat and off the mat.

5 Elements Kids Martial Arts is an incredibly rich educational pillar for a child to really become his and her best in life. We are fully committed to our student’s success both in the mat and in life.  For these reasons we are fully confident in our ability to deliver remarkable results, noticeable by their immediate families and other people involved in their lives.

Contact us today and give your child the best gift (self-confidence, respect, health, self-expression and communication skills) you could ever give them!