5 Elements Jiu-Jitsu Air Gi


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The 5 Elements Jiu-Jitsu Air Gi, in collaboration with Gameness, is a very popular Jiu-Jitsu Gi. This is one of the lightest jiu-jitsu Gis on the market, making it great for training in hot climates, when you need to save some weight at your next tournament, or just a comfortable every-day Gi. Used by pros and amateurs alike, you are likely to see the Air on the mats at any local tournament as well as the world championships.

The 5 Elements Jiu-Jitsu Air Gi Jacket features:
•A seamless 350 gram Comb Weave fabric
•Reinforcements in all the right places
•Double needle stitching on all patches
•A durable collar with a foam rubber inner wrapped in Rip Stop fabric that dries quickly

The pants are made from a military grade Rip Stop fabric and:
•A technical rope draw cord with the right amount of stretch to keep the pants secure
•The knees are reinforced which makes them feel great and last longer
•A 4 loop system for the drawstring that keeps the pants in place while rolling

Available in sizes A0 to A6. Available colors are White, Blue, and Black. Belt sold separately.

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Black, Blue, White


A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6